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Bike rally – a bike tour – recreation, tours to the Svityaz lake and Shatsk's lakes of Volyn. Good service, reasonable prices!
Bicycle tour Bike Rally
Route: Shatsk - Lake Svityaz - Lake Somynets - Lake Peremout - Lake Pisochne - Lake Liutsymer (Shatsk) – Lake Chorne (Shack).

Duration: 4 hours. 


+38 068 227 11 28

Do you want to feel like a real racer? Then go !!! Everything will be like in a real rally, because most of the way will go on the forest roads and paths. But do not worry – it will be very interesting, because you get acquainted with the nice necklace of lakes, all of which will impress you by its original and unique landscapes. You will see the greatness of Svityaz, feel the forest comfort of Somynets and Peremut, natural comfort of Pisochne, mysterious Liutsymer and simplicity of Big Black Lake. And besides you will take good photos, great experiences and meet new friends ... And all this with pleasant memories will stay with you forever.

Route map