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Blue clay from Svityaz lake contains almost all trace elements and minerals necessary for skin.
The largest of them are Svityaz, Pulemetskie, Liutsymer, Luky, Peremout, Pisochne, Black Large, Krymne and others. Cascade of the lakes is one of the largest lake groups in Europe. They are classified as wetlands of international importance and protected under the Ramsar Convention requirements. The biggest among the lakes of Shatsk`s National Natural Park is Svityaz.
Attention! We offer useful and interesting information! You will definitely find it useful if you're on the Shatsk Lakes.
Diving takes you into the depths of the lake Svityaz. If you are lucky – you`ll see flocks of different fishes, and maybe even meet a rare fish - eel. You will be able to swim through the jungle of algae (there are over 50 species!) And get the thrill seeing the underwater world of Shatsk`s Lakes!
Do you want to get unusual impressions and drive on Soviet jeep Gas – 69? Do you want to visit the impenetrable forests of Shatsk`s National Natural Park? Then welcome - this tour is for you.
Welcome to the yacht "Seed" on Lake Svityaz. Possible routes of excursions: to the island and a stop on it, around the island, to the bay Buzhnya and Louka with the blooming lilies and more.
Folk band "Molodychky" was established in 1983 in the town of Shatsk, Volyn region, Ukraine. The founder and director is the director of Shatsk`s Local Centre of Culture Vyrovych Nina.
STTS is a transport company that provides transportation services for passenger transportation to Shatsk`s Lakes, as well as on a request.
Calendar of interesting events in Shatsk`s district in 2019
Taxi service on the Shatsk`s Lakes
We offer you the option of holding your wedding ceremony on the shores of Shatsk`s Lakes
Meet Olena Pinkovska, a professional artist from the village of Svityaz, which knows many techniques of fine and decorative arts. Her special hobby is painting on fabric.
Shatsk`s lakes are known not only for their fish and fish dishes, but also for their own cheeses and sweets made by a resident of the village of Svityaz - Larysa Shelukha.
We offer you to get to the Jurassic Park and other periods of the history of the planet Earth by visiting the dinosaur park on the Shatsk Lakes.
We invite you to taste delicious pancakes on the central beach Svityaz
Paintings with Shatsk`s lakes