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Excursion "Adventure taxi"
Excursion "Adventure taxi"

Excursion "Adventure taxi"

Route: Lake Lucimer - Lake Crymne - Lake Pisochne - Lake Peremut - Lake Sominets

Duration: 3.5 - 4 hours

Cost: 500 UAH / person

Phone: 0676656338

The tour takes place on a rare Soviet car GAZ - 69 (car after major repairs and complete reconstruction) and covers five different lakes of Shatsk National Park. During the stops near each of these lakes you will have the opportunity not only to talk about nature, fishing, etc., but also to take good photos to remember and swim. And in order for you to be cheerful and active all the time, there is a stop where all travelers can fry lard on the fire and taste tea brewed with local herbs.

We invite you to an interesting journey through the Shatsk Lakes !!!